Yamaha APX-7 and under saddle pickup install

Posted on February 17 2015

Yamaha APX-7 L.R. Baggs Element Instalation

A lovely old bowl backed Yamaha acoustic made its way down to us from sunny Aberdeen for a comprehensive work over.

Guitar has been well looked after over the years but the EQ had given up and needed replaced, frets were fairly worn out and the old plastic nut and saddle were getting upgraded for bone too.

The old EQ was the big internal box type with the controls, whilst elegant for their time, drilled through the side of the guitar. The new  'L.R Baggs Element' pick-up that was going in has all the pre amp business in the barrel that forms part of the jack socket and the controls are neatly mounted inside the sound hole so everything is out of sight. Taking out the old bulky EQ left some rather unsightly holes visible but that would get dealt with once everything else was done.

Once the guitar was completely stripped of all hardware and any loose frets secured it was given an full stone and profile to remove all the fret wear and get them nicekty shaped and taken to a flawless smooth as silk high shine finish. Hand carved bone nut made and fitted to accomodaste the slightly lower frets and vastly improve the sound from the old plastic one. 

Baggs EQ installed and once all freshly polished machine heads were back on and strings fitted the new bone saddle was installed ensuring an even balance from each string from the pickup.

We decided to do something a bit special to disguise the holes in the side so used up some offcuts from the African Blackwood OM that was built back in 2013. Once the layer of sycamore veneer was dry we carved some 'buttons', cut them back through the grades and applied and oil finish.

Once they had their final buff some regular dowel was glued on to secure them into the old control holes whilst still allowing them to be removed if required. We think it makes a nice interesting feature and does a great job to disguise some nasty looking holes.


Final clean down, play in the strings a bit and this guitars good to go. The total cost for this job was £300 which included the bone nut and saddle and the new pickup and our 20% discount which runs until the end of march 2015 on all repair work.





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