Epiphone Kalamazoo Back Repair

Posted on April 28 2015

This lovely old guitar came in after falling victim to the dreaded drunken party guest. Hugely sentimental to its owner and certainly worth getting put back together and playing again.

Not too much damage from the outside; the back was coming away from the sides in the lower bout and some damaged binding. Inside there were a few more issues though. most of the back braces had come loose taking some of the linings with them and the heel block was coming away from the ribs. Taking the back off altogether was a more cost effective option to get everything fixed especially as it had a bolt on neck.

Everything came apart well, binding pretty much intact and the linings and braces came away without taking any wood with them.

The top was given a good clean and all the bracing and bridge patch given a once over to check for any further glue failures.

Back braces reshaped to improve the overall back radius and give a good gluing surface and the back was given a cut back and clean to do the same. the old back linings were no longer usable so some new kerfed ones were made and fitted once the heel block had been re-glued and the old back braces were fitted.

The back was then reattached and old binding fitted with a couple of new pieces in place of the parts that were beyond repair.

During the drying times the frets were given a stone and profile, finger board cut back and treated, machine heads removed, soaked and polished and some lacquer touch ups to the headstock before getting a good polish.

Once the neck was re fitted and it was strung up and set-up it just needed a play test and final polish before being handed back.

Total cost to customer £240.


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