Handmade Guitars

'Claffey' acoustic guitars and ukuleles are built exclusively within The Guitar Workshop by Glasgow luthiers Ricky Claffey and Ian Dickinson. Options include complete custom builds and the Claffey signature series - the Monroe series of guitars and the Loch series of ukes - which are available at three different price points. You can view Ricky's portfolio on the Claffey Guitars website

If you would like to order a handmade guitar or ukulele, please phone The Guitar Workshop to arrange a time to try out the existing stock of Claffey guitars in our playing room.

Our unique open workshop allows you to come in and view your guitar's progress during its construction (preferably by appointment). 


All Claffey instruments are handmade by Ricky and Ian. Your guitar's neck will be carved by hand and considerable time will be spent voicing the guitar by manipulating the soundboard to optimise the acoustic potential of the tonewood. The resulting sound will be utterly incomparable to a factory made instrument. 

To ensure that your guitar has a long, happy and trouble free life, we have custom built our workshop to be a humidity controlled environment. Because the tonewoods we use are so beautifully thin, they are susceptible to movement and the moisture in the air needs to be controlled by a relative humidity of about 45 percent. 

When building your guitar, every possible effort is made to source tonewood that is ethical and FSC certified.

Prices start at £2,500


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