BUILD YOUR OWN UKULELE IN A MONTH! This course of Saturday classes will be taught at our awesome Glasgow workshop, where you will learn the fundamentals of lutherie as we guide you through the process of building a concert or tenor ukulele by hand.  

We will run a course every month, consisting of 4 x Saturday sessions (10am - 6pm) and a Tuesday night orientation (7pm - 9pm). You must be able to attend all dates before signing up (some flexibility is available for the orientation, however). 

All course dates are listed on our Eventbrite page, where you can sign up to your preferred course and pay the deposit online. There is also a waiting list if your desired date is booked out. 



Over the 4 days, you’ll learn all sorts of techniques, some will be known to the woodworkers among you but others will be new to you. After your orientation, we’ll show you how to use sharp tools safely, i.e. chisels, planes, carving tools, saws and rasps. Then we’ll go over the basics of the bandsaw. You will also experience inlaying a rosette, carving a neck, fret work, using a bending iron and bracing a soundboard and back using a go-bar deck. As we guide you through your construction, we’ll teach you how to create good woodworking joins and many other techniques. We’ll also tell you a bit about the science of acoustic sound and why certain techniques and tonewoods produce better results.

To enable you to complete your build in the four days, some parts of your ukulele will be pre-bent or carved for you, but you will still get to have a go at the techniques involved.

Upon completion, you will walk away with your own handmade ukulele, ready to rock out.



The full cost of the course is £395, which covers:

  • Tuition by Ian & Ricky over 4 days
  • A complete set of ukulele materials, including tonewood, strings and tuners
  • An oiled finish for your uke
  • Use of The Guitar Workshop’s tools and equipment
  • A log book and printed learning materials
  • Tea, coffee and snacks

The only thing you need to provide is some sort of carrier bag / gig bag / hard case for your ukulele. Speak to us if you’d like us to recommend a brand or order you one in.

Optional extras include:

  • Upgrade to a high-gloss lacquer finish, carried out in The Guitar Workshop’s spray booth.
  • Upgrade to higher-spec tuners. The ones we provide are nice solid tuners but some students may want to invest in a more deluxe set.

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How do I sign up?

Visit our Eventbrite page and sign up to the course date of your choice. A £100 non-refundable deposit is required. (If you have a gift certificate for the course, no deposit is required). 

Alternatively, you can come in store to pay your £100 deposit and we'll book you onto the course date of your choice. 

The remaining balance (£295) will be payable in-store at the orientation session.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to do the course?

Yes. You must be over 18 for insurance purposes.


What is the refund policy?

Your £100 deposit is non-refundable. However you can transfer to a different course date (see Eventbrite page for more details).


How many people will be on the course with me?

We have a maximum of 4 students per course.


How complicated is it? Do I need any woodworking experience?

No, you don’t need experience. We will show you how to use all hand tools and machinery. This is a beginner’s course and whilst you will have a go at all the luthierie techniques involved, some parts of the ukulele will have been pre-prepared by us to enable you to complete your uke in the set time.


Can I make a soprano or baritone uke instead?

No. Unfortunately we can only offer the concert or tenor option at this stage. We might consider courses to build other sizes in future if there is demand.


Can I customise my ukulele?

Not really with regard to construction techniques. Remember this is a beginner’s course and time is limited so you won’t be able to go too crazy with it! More advanced classes are something we are thinking about for future.


What if I don’t finish within the 4 sessions?

We have designed the course so that 4 sessions will be plenty of time. If, however, you have not completed in this time, you can come back and use the workshop at an agreed time for an hourly fee of £15 per hour.


Can you teach me to play the ukulele when it’s finished?

We can teach you a few chords but we don’t run lessons from our shop. There are some great uke teachers at the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop.


How do I purchase this as a gift for someone else?

We sell full gift certificates in-store and online for £395.


If you have any questions, please contact us on 0141 237 2332 or email

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